Mobile Thoughts: Trains, Trams and Buses

To while away the time,

While mobile, these rainbows of thoughts suddenly appear.


Fallen Sultanates,

Dethroned potentates, land grabbed–

What realm shall it spring?


The desert beckons

My heart calls it her home, but–

My eyes saw it not.


Camels cross my eyes

My Prophet rode them before

If only tis real!


 Oh Muhammad, Prophet,

What poetry you are gifted

For humanity.


Thousand pretty lights

Enemy  camps by  the sea

Dangerous beauty.


Dark nights hide my woes,

Tears for my fellow Lakers.

I dream of sunshine.


The Lake breathes fast

Gasps, then dries. Memories fade

Of nobles long gone.


 If it be noble,

Then deeds should follow wise words

Or, be a vain weed.


Fate and destiny,

Speak thou my fortune, my life

Let fly the floodgates.


Sakura blooms now

In Tokyo far from my sight

Ah, my eyes lament.


Life flies by so fast

Events sprout by the second,

Timeless time beats time.


Traffic flashes green

Beaten paths, beaten workers

Meld into one soul.


 Wide tracks; slim chances

Open space; narrow flats

Natives; immigrants


Looking, not seeing

In this world, but out of it.

The phantom in me.


Oh Train, take me far

Where Sakura lives on end,

Full moons are often.


Neon-vested men

Roam the tracks, search eyes and minds

But we are no Cains.


About darangenwomentoday

PhD student University of Melbourne, Australia (Culture and Communication); MA-Media Studies (New School University, New York City); Director, Press and Information Office (Mindanao State University); Former Vice-Head, National Commission on Culture and the Arts Committee on Cultural Information and Special Events; Former member, National Commission on Culture and the Arts Committee on Monuments and Sites; and Former Vice-Chancellor for Research and Extension (Mindanao State University).
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